Things to Consider Before you Select an Attorney

Getting the best lawyer is not always easy. It requires careful consideration of the case in question, the legislation at the time and the charges. The best lawyer is the one that is able to comfortably handle your case and give you the right advice as the case progresses at the minimum cost possible. Here are a few lawyer selection tips that you may find helpful.

Lawyer Selection

Look for an honest lawyer

Honesty is a very important virtue when it comes to the legal profession. You have to take your time to talk to the lawyer you want to choose to determine his or her character with regards to honesty. If the lawyer maintains eye contact when talking to you, he is likely to be honest. If he doesn’t, he is not. You need to ask for the attorney’s advice right from the beginning to know whether the case will succeed or not. If, according to your judgement, the lawyer is honest, then you can heed their advice and take the appropriate action. Be careful with a lawyer who sounds unusually optimistic. Getting into an agreement with a dishonest lawyer will rub salt on your already bleeding wound.

Look for experience

Get to know how many cases your lawyer of choice has litigated before you make an agreement with him or her. If the lawyer has defended the dregs of society in several cases, he is probably going to get things done easily. An experienced lawyer is likely to be detail oriented and will give periodic updated conveniently.

Seek advice from a specialist

There are legal specialists who will hook you up with the right lawyer depending on your case. The internet has been the solution to almost all our problems but when it comes to choosing a lawyer, you need to look for referrals from friends, professional bodies in the legal profession or specialists, rather than look for lawyer profiles online. Depending on your case, a legal specialist should be able to direct you to the right lawyer. If choose a general practitioner for a case that needs a specialist, you will be in trouble.

Know the type of lawyers to avoid right from the start

A lawyer who does not reply to your mails in time or ignores your phone calls at the interviewing stage should be dropped from the list of prospective lawyers immediately. This is because a lawyer who is not communicative is not likely to offer strategic advice during the case. Ignore lawyers who miss deadlines and do not provide the references of previously handled cases, as well as those that are quick to promise success or victory even before the case begins.

Consider the charges

You cannot forget to consider how much the lawyer will charge you before you get into an agreement. The cost should be within your price range because you are not looking for an attorney who will break your bank account. In your initial meetings with the lawyer, it is important to know whether he or she is charging you per hour, per hearing or he will just charge a flat rate for the whole case. If possible, establish cost ceilings at the outset in writing, so that you don’t get yourself in financial crisis midway through the case.

All said and done, when selecting a lawyer, always trust your instincts. If it feels right to hire him, go ahead. If it doesn’t, don’t. The lawyer you choose will always determine the outcome of a case, so be careful to select the best one according to the case you have.