Why You Need a Tenant Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you’re new to renting, you may not even know that tenant lawyers exist. Well, they do. What do they? In short, these legal professionals can help settle all kinds of disputes between tenants and landlords. In this economy, these experts serve an increasingly important function. Understanding why people rent and what kinds of issues tenants may encounter tenant may help you see the need for a tenant lawyer in Los Angeles, CA. After all, these attorneys know Los Angeles tenant law better than anyone.

Why do people rent?

Well, once upon a time, it was nearly always wiser to buy than to rent. The recent economic downturns that have so severely affected the housing market have caused a significant rise in foreclosures. Once people’s homes have been foreclosed, they’re forced to either find free housing, with relatives or friends, or become renters. In better economies, landlords could be more discriminating about checking tenants’ credit; however, with so many foreclosures out there, many landlords find that if they we as cautious as they want to be, they would have many units sitting empty.

For some people, buying simply doesn’t make sense. Perhaps they need the flexibility a limited-term lease allows, due to frequent moves inherent in their lives, or maybe they just don’t want the responsibilities and liabilities that come with owning property. Whatever people’s reasons for renting, tenant/landlord issues may come up, and it’s always advantageous to have a tenant lawyer on your side.

What issues come with renting?

renting in Los Angeles, CABetween lease terms, safety issues, and property damage, there are many disputes that can come up between landlords and tenants. To protect your rights, you need to make sure that you have any agreements or grievances documented. That way, if the problems escalate and you or your landlord hires a tenant lawyer, you will have the necessary documentation ready.

Lease terms are typically in writing, but sometimes verbal agreements or allowances are made, only to be withdrawn. Such issues can come up when tenants sign a 1-year lease, asking if subletting is possible, should they decide to move before the year is up. A landlord may agree, to get the tenant to sign the lease but then, later, deny the said agreement. Making sure any agreed-upon lease terms are in writing and keeping copies of those terms on file and accessible can help protect you from such claims.

Safety issues can come up with property that’s ill-maintained. Many tenants may not realize that landlords are required by law to repair any hazards and maintain their property properly. This responsibility is not waived if the tenant actually causes the unsafe condition; the landlord must still make repairs, as needed. Now, the financial responsibility may lie with the tenant, but that’s another issue.

Perhaps you never knew that you have rights, as a tenant, or that there were professionals that can help you protect those rights. If you ever need a tenant lawyer, make sure you have documentation of the issue at hand, and know that your rights as a renter will be upheld in court.